The Girl Goes Deep (Paige Turner Affair, #2)

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November 2014



Spoiler Alert – If you have not read The Girl In The Riv the following description of this book will be a spoiler for that book.

Paige Turner's life as an undercover prostitute is dizzying as she navigates the criminal underbelly of the adult playground – Las Vegas.  However, it is when she is tasked to infiltrate a terrorist sleeper cell that things really get weird.   Torn between the terrorist and the Israeli agents following them, Paige struggles to hold her true allegiance to the US agency that employs her.

Deep undercover Paige has lost contact with her own agency when she is swept into a murder plot.   Struggling to keep her cover intact she she learns of the true unimaginable motive for the murder.   Refusing to accept the inevitability she risks everything when she races across the Arizona desert in a plot to stop the terrorist.

Excerpt from the story:

"Now, one more thing," the man now identified as David says.  "When last we spoke you said you are a prostitute – for real."

He waits and finally I say, "Yes."

"We are freshly arrived in town and lonely."  From his pants pocket he withdraws a wad of bills and puts them on the table.  Shit, this is exactly why Jackson follows me around!  While I occasionally had sex to keep my cover, I strove to avoid it. 

"Sorry, I'm finished for the night.  I can give you some phone numbers…"

Mr. Heterochromia chuckles and David interrupts with, "No, that won't do.  Let me be a bit more specific."  He taps the back of my hand as it holds the wine glass.

I look down at the fat stack of bills and back into his eyes, "What?"

He makes a nod towards his shoulder and I see a hitherto unnoticed third man in a black pinstripe suite standing by the wall.  He is much younger – younger than me – and not


Mark S. R. Sterling is a semi-retired industrial safety engineer who left full time employment during the recent surge in unemployment. {Yes, you may read between the lines.} Now, when not actually gainfully employed, he spends his time trading stock market index options, or traveling and visiting his children in the I-95 Corridor along the US Southeast coast. Mark's entertainment is the ocean. He enjoys the beach, sailing, fishing, scuba diving and the ever popular barstool warming in waterfront taverns. It is in this last activity where he enjoys his all time favorite pastime of simply meeting people. You see, while Mark's stories are fictional, the specific incidents and characters are built from somebody's real life. So the next time you are in a waterfront tavern and someone engages you in conversation open up and tell something interesting about your life. Then, you will be a character in Mark's next book.


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Verlag: Mark S. R. Sterling
Erscheinungsdatum: November 2014
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