Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse

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Lilly, the indomitable mouse-child from "Chester's Way" and "Julius, the Baby of the World, " returns in a story about school. Lilly loves everything about school: the pointy pencils, the squeaky chalk, the fish sticks and chocolate milk in the lunchroom. But one day, Lilly has something to share with her class--and she can't wait until Sharing Time. Full color.


"Henkes gets it all just right....All of the bustling, inventive artwork is a pleasure to look at....The whole book, art and text, is lovingly layered to express the mixed emotions that all of us experience.""--Booklist." Henkes once again demonstrates his direct line to the roller-coaster emotions of small children. With a slightly more complicated plot that those of Lilly's previous adventures, this one employs understated humor throughout. The illustrations do an exceptional job of amplifying the text: Lilly dances with excitement, flashes with anger, wanes in remorse, and leaps right off the page with joy. "--Kirkus." Caldecott honoree Henkes ( Owen') understands Lilly's enthusiasm for her prize possessions, but astutely shows that Lilly goes too far when she acts up in class....The author/artist offers useful, timeless advice for apologizing to a friend and resolving a conflict. A sympathetic and wise treatment. "--Publishers Weekly.
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