Tough Cookie

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September 1999



They call me a tough cookie. I guess I am. Came from a good family. Regular batch. Lots of dough. Lived the high life. Top of the Jar. They're all gone now. I hit bottom and stayed there. It was rough. Still is. But you get used to it. I'm a tough cookie.Life's tough at the bottom of the Jar, except for this tough cookie. He can handle anything -- until Fingers drops in. Then it's a recipe for disaster. With only a handful of crumbs and his girlfriend, Pecan Sandy, to help, can Tough Cookie save the Jar?DAVID WISNIEWSKI mixes this comedy crime caper with amazing cut-paper illustrations -- all the ingredients necessary for a most munchable mystery!DAVID WISNIEWSKI is no mug when it comes to mysteries. In 1998, he revealed the real reasons for all the things adults tell kids to do in The Secret Knowledge of Grown-ups. Without his incomprehensible disguises and screwball logic, children would never have known that vegetables once ruled the earth, that mattresses are living creatures, and that hair grows inward unless combed. Count your blessings!Wisniewski now brings his investigative eye to Tough Cookie, a classic crime drama set in a cookie jar. After a year's research into cookies, Mr. Wisniewski is pleased to report that his pants are now large enough to house a circus and the entire state of Delaware.

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