Head to Toe Science: Over 40 Eye-Popping, Spine-Tingling, Heart-Pounding Activities That Teach Kids about the Human Body

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Untangle the Mystery of Human Hair! Listen to a Heart Throb! Sniff Out Why Stinky Feet Stink!SCIENCE THAT REALLY GETS UNDER YOUR SKIN!Explore the amazing human body, from the hair on your head to your stinky feetSmell like a salmonBuild a balloon intestineMix up a batch of fake bloodCrack your genetic codeHow much air do your lungs hold? How are your bones like a roll of toilet paper? Where does all your old dead skin go? How can you figure out how tall a person is from the size of his or her feet? Youll find out the answers in "Head to Toe Science." More than 40 fun, easy-to-do activities using ordinary products found around your house let you discover the wonders of your body from top to bottom, inside and outyour brain, your bones, your digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems, and much more!


Gray Matter: The Brain and the Nervous System. Feel Your Way: The Senses and the Nervous System. Your Are What You Eat: The Digestive System. Good Air In, Bad Air Out: The Respiratory System. Pumping You Full of Nutrients: The Circulatory System. Moving Right Along: The Muscular System. Bony Support: The Skeletal System. Making You Who You Are: The Reproductive System. Your Waterproof Cover: The Skin. Glossary. Index.


JIM WIESE is a science teacher and an educational coordinator for nonprofit organizations. He is the author of the popular science activity books Roller Coaster Science, Rocket Science, Detective Science, Spy Science, Cosmic Science, and Magic Science (all from Wiley).


Head to Toe Science offers wonderful experiments and contains explanations as to why experiments are done and the science behind them. Quite simply, it is the best human body activity book I have ever seen... This book is a must for any teacher of human body systems. (Teri Cosentino, Science & Children and Science Scope magazines, October 2000)
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