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Januar 2002



This winner of the American Book Award, which was also named an ALA Best Book for Young Adults, begins Alexander's classic fantasy trilogy. When apprentice Theo prints a pamphlet for a traveling showman, it sets off a chain reaction that results in the murder of his master. Theo flees and teams up with the showman and Mickle, a strong-willed girl with a mysterious past.


"The wisdom of this book lies in its difficult solution: Good does not triumph over evil simply because it "is" good... Lloyd Alexander does not answer questions; he raises them... He keeps his adventures spinning and in the end we are happy in how it all turns out." --"The New York Times" "As always, Alexander peoples his tale with a marvelous cast of individuals, and weaves an intricate story of high adventure that climaxes in a superbly conceived conclusion, which... is reached through carefully built tension and subtly added comic relief." --"Booklist", starred review
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