Lirael: Daughter of the Clayr

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April 2002



New York Times bestseller Lirael is perfect for fans of epic fantasy like Game of Thrones . In this sequel to the critically acclaimed Sabriel , Garth Nix draws readers deeper into the magical landscape of the Old Kingdom. Lirael has never felt like a true daughter of the Clayr. Abandoned by her mother, ignorant of her father's identity, Lirael resembles no one else in her large extended family living in the Clayr's glacier. She doesn't even have the Sight-the ability to see into possible futures-that is the very birthright of the Clayr. Nevertheless she must undertake a desperate mission under the growing shadow of an ancient evil-one that opposes the Royal Family, blocks the Sight of the Clayr, and threatens to break the very boundary between Life and Death itself. With only her faithful companion, the Disreputable Dog, to help her, Lirael must find the courage to seek her own hidden destiny.


Garth Nix, geboren 1963 in Melbourne, arbeitete u.a. als Verleger, Buchhandelsvertreter und Zeitungsredakteur. Ab 2002 freier Schriftsteller. Der Autor lebt mit seiner Familie in der Nähe von Sydney.
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Untertitel: 'Abhorsen Trilogy'. Empfohlen ab 13 Jahre. Harper Trophy. Sprache: Englisch.
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