Georgia's Amazing Coast: Natural Wonders from Alligators to Zoeas

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September 2003



Fun and learning come together in "Georgia's Amazing Coast," an inviting collection of one hundred short, self-contained features about the flora, fauna, and natural history of that fascinating place where land meets sea. Each page includes a full-color illustration and breezy, fact-filled commentary on coastal wildlife from fifty-foot-long northern right whales to single-cell plankton, from shy coyotes to overbearingly sociable sand gnats.Readers will learn about the lifespan of the gopher tortoise, the acting talents of the hognose snake, the health benefits of eating pawpaws, the importance of tidal fluctuations, and much more. Written for the general reader, yet solidly researched, "Georgia's Amazing Coast" will spark our sense of wonder and inspire us to learn even more about our natural heritage and what all of us can do to preserve it.


David Bryant is director of communications for Georgia Sea Grant. He formerly worked as a producer for the NPR affiliate station WUGA-FM, where he originated such award-winning shows as "Berlin Calling" and "Islam and the West." George Davidson is a writer and editor for Georgia Sea Grant. He is also a musician and a self-taught artist whose prints and shadow boxes have been widely published and exhibited. Charlotte Ingram is a graphic and web page designer and coordinator for Georgia Sea Grant. She has collaborated on such publications as "A Field Guide to Jekyll Island" and a series of guides on coastal fishing in Georgia.
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