Food Service Professionals Guide to Restaurant Site Location

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August 2002



Everyone's heard the saying: What are the three most important things when looking for real estate? Location, location, location! While the phrase has almost become a cliche, it is definitely true! The location you choose for your food service operation can make or break your venture. Choosing a location is not something that should be done lightly. It is not a difficult task, but finding and securing a location is a process that should involve a significant time investment and a great deal of research. Remember, choosing a poor location is not an easy thing to fix--you can change your marketing plan or your secret sauce recipe, but changing your location is quite a different matter! Although the location process varies, depending on whether you're looking to expand your existing operation by adding a new establishment, for example, or whether you're searching for your first location, the general principles of location research are the same. This manual will help you find the information you need and lead you through the process of "Finding, Negotiating & Securing the Best Restaurant Site Location for Maximum Profit." This book is part of the new series from the editors of the "Food Service Professional Magazine. With 15 books on the most relevant food service subjects, theses are the best and most comprehensive books for serious food service operators available today. These step-by-step guides on specific management subjects are easy to read, easy to understand and will take the mystery out of the subject. The information is "boiled down" to the essence. They are filled to the brim with up-to-date and pertinent information. These books cover all the bases, providing clear explanationsand helpful, specific advice. All titles in the series include the phone numbers and Web sites of all companies discussed.


Introduction; Know Yourself and Your Market; Market Research; How to Conduct Research in the Greater Geographic Area; How To Conduct Research in the Market Area; Sales Forecasting; Trade Area Characteristics; Looking For Your Specific Location; Securing and Negotiating a Location; Start-Up Money; Loans; After the Deal.
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