Occupying and Connecting

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Cities, estates and routing systems develop, change constantly and fundamentally cannot be planned. Claims to ownership, land and building regulations, planning decisions and political interventions make it difficult for settlement structures to adapt to constantly changing requirements to such an extent that meaningful and totally ecological use of the surface of the earth is becoming increasingly difficult, although new techniques and flexible planning models mean that a connection could be found with the self-designing processes of urban-development history.


Frei Otto is one of the 20th-century's most important architectural visionaries. Although at a first glance his buildings like the German Pavilion for the 1967 World Fair in Montreal, designed with Rolf Gutbrod, the roofs for the Olympic buildings in Munich designed by Gunter Behnisch or the project developed with Christoph Ingenhoven for a new main station in Stuttgart seem to be in the tradition only of the great constructors of this century like Felix Candela or Pier Luigi Nervi, his work goes way beyond mere construction. He is a technician, artist and philosopher in one, and his central concern is for a new and allembracing link with nature in building.

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