Comparative Social Policy

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August 2001



Comparative Social Policy explores the new context of social policy and considers how cross-national theory and research can respond to the challenges facing welfare. This book extends and deepens cross-national esearch by exploring the theoretical and conceptual frameworks through which social policy and welfare systems have been understood.


Series editor's foreword
Series editor's foreword
Globalization and social policy
Defining and constructing the research process
Theory and analysis in cross-national social policy research
Development, social welfare and cross-national analysis
Ethnicity, gender and the boundaries of citizenship
The future of comparative social policy research


Patricia Kennett is a lecturer in comparative policy studies in the School for Policy Studies at the University of Bristol. She has published material on the comparative dimensions of homelessness, citizenship and social exclusion, as well as the coping strategies of households with negative equity. Her current research interests include homelessness and social welfare in Japan; housing in the Asia Pacific region; and comparative welfare systems.
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