Lope De Vega: Plays Two

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"A Bond Honoured, " represented here by this highly-rated version by John Osborne, shows us a protagonist, of cruel and merciless passions, meeting Christ, who then encourages the man to hang himself. "The Labyrinth of Desire, " translated by Michael Jacobs, is a provocative and witty comment on the emotional labyrinth that was Lope de Vega's own life.


"Lope de Vega (1562-1635), acknowledged as Spain's most lyrical and energetic dramatist, was a prolific and complusive writer. He treated an enormous range of subjects, often mingling comedy with tragedy, to the horror of the classicists, and defended his methods in his 'Arte nuevo de hacer comedias en este tiempe', published in 1609. John Osborne was born in London in 1929. He worked as a journalist for a number of trade magazines before becoming an Assistant Stage Manager and actor with several repertory companies. Look Back in Anger (1956) has come to stand as a key text for modern British Drama, and prompted other successes with The Entertainer and Epitaph for George Dillon. He was the first of many writers to be 'discovered' by the Royal Court Theatre, and Look Back in Anger was the first of the Royal Court's plays to be internationally recognised. Osborne adapted Look Back in Anger and The Entertainer for film. He also wrote an Oscar winning screenplay adaptation of Henry Fielding's novel Tom Jones. Micheal Jacobs was born in Italy and studied art history at the Courtauld Insitute, London. He then became a teacher and acclaimed travel writer. He is general editor for a series of volumes of Lope de Vega plays for Oberon Books. Plays Two includes his own translation of The Labyrinth of Desire and John Osborne's version of A Bond Honoured. "
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