Jay Defeo and the Rose

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November 2003



Jay DeFeo and The Rose is composed of eleven original essays, a photographic portfolio, and an illustrated chronology that focus on a broad range of art historical, social, cultural, and conversation issues surrounding the legendary San Francisco Bay Area artist Jay DeFeo and the creation of her masterpiece, The Rose.


Foreword: Beside The Rose: DeFeo's Work at the Whitney Museum Marla Prather Acknowledgments Introduction Jane Green and Leah Levy COLOR GALLERY The Legendary Rose David A. Ross The Story of The Rose Martha Sherrill Think of Jay DeFeo Dancing to Count Basie Playing "One O'clock Jump" Walter Hopps Without The Rose: DeFeo in Sixteen Americans Bill Berkson Transplanting The Rose Lucy R. Lippard Photographing The Rose Sandra S. Phillips PORTFOLIO Valentine's Day Greil Marcus Conserving The Rose Niccolo Caldararo Vectors of Emergence, Lines of Descent Richard Candida Smith Art and the Limits of Language: A Critical Approach to The Rose Carter Ratcliff Chronology Judith Dunham List of Illustrations with Photo Credits Selected Bibliography on The Rose Contributors Index


Jane Green is an art historian and has worked on exhibitions at Mills College Art Museum and the Berkeley Art Museum, two institutions associated with DeFeo. Leah Levy is an independent curator and trustee of the Estate of Jay DeFeo. She worked directly with DeFeo as curatorial consultant from 1985 until the artist's death in 1989, and organized the conservation of The Rose. She is author of Kathryn Gustafson: Sculpting the Land (1998) and guest curator of Revelatory Landscapes (2001) at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


"An original and highly effective combining of 'readings' of the work of Jay DeFeo, a leading figure of the Beat generation. The various perspectives of the authors come smoothly together in their recognition of her supreme artistic ambition and desire to approach transcendence through art."
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