Elementary Teacher's Discipline Problem Solver: A Practical A-Z Guide for Managing Classroom Behavior Problems

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Elementary Teacher’ s Discipline Problem Solver is a ready-to-use resource filled with practical, concrete, and teacher-tested strategies that will help you maintain order in your classroom while preserving your students’ dignity. Each of the book’ s proven techniques has been designed with the goal of helping you maximize your teaching time and minimize the time you spend disciplining. Elementary Teacher’ s Discipline Problem Solver gives you the information and the down-to-earth strategies you need to handle 63 wide-ranging classroom problems including: Aggressive Behavior • Angry Outbursts • Attention Deficit • Backtalk • Bathroom Problems • Bullying • Calling Out • Cheating • Complaining • Crying Frequently • Disorganization • Disruptive Behavior • Homework Problems • Hyperactivity • Lack of Motivation • Low Self-esteem • Lunchroom Problems • Masturbation • Perfectionism • Playground Problems • Rude Behavior • Seatwork Problems • Shyness • Spitting • Talking Excessively • Teasing • Vandalism • Whining . . . and many more. Written in a user-friendly manner, this book lists problem behaviors and concerns alphabetically for easy access. For every problem, there is a brief discussion of possible underlying motivations followed by a menu of specific strategies you can use to manage the problem. Praise for Elementary Teacher’ s Discipline Problem Solver " Where was this book during my teacher training? Finally, a clear, step-by-step, practical guide for managing every behavior issue– large or small, A to Z. Dr.Shore will help you stop classroom problems before they start."
– Joan Warren Stahl, first-grade teacher, Glenwood School, San Rafael City School District, San Rafael, California " Every teacher, from novice to master, should have this book in th


About the Author.Introduction.Aggressive Behavior.Angry Outbursts.Argumentative Behavior.Assembly Problems.Attention Deficit.Back Talk.Bathroom Problems.Bothering Classmates.Bullying.Calling Out.Chair Tipping.Cheating.Class Trip Problems.Complaining, Frequent.Crying, Frequent.Dependent Behavior.Disorganization.Disruptive/Uncooperative Behavior.Forgetfulness.Friends, Lack of.Gum Chewing.Hallway/Lining-up Problems.Hitting or Threatening a Teacher.Homework Problems.Hygiene, Poor.Hyperactivity.Lateness.Leaving Class.Listening Skills, Poor.Lunchroom Problems.Lying.Making Noises.Masturbation.Messiness.Motivation, Lack of.Participation, Lack of Class.Passing Notes.Perfectionism.Playground Problems.Pouting.Racially Offensive Language.Rude/Disrespectful Behavior.School Phobia/Separation Anxiety.Seatwork Problems.Self-Esteem, Low.Sexually Offensive Behavior.Shyness.Sleeping in Class.Special-Needs Students.Special Subjects.Spitting.Stealing.Substitute Teacher.Suicide Threats.Swearing.Talking, Excessive.Tattling.Teasing.Toileting Problems.Tourette's Syndrome.Vandalism.Weapon, Possession of.Whining.For Further Information.


Dr. Kenneth Shore is a psychologist and chair of a child study team for the Hamilton, New Jersey Public Schools. He was awarded the Donald R. Peterson Prize from Rutgers University for "outstanding contributions to professional psychology." He is the author of numerous books including the highly acclaimed The Special Education Handbook and Special Kids Problem Solver from Jossey-Bass Publishers. He has appeared on CNN and PBS television and writes a weekly column for Education World. His e-mail is ShoreK@aol.com.
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