The Gringo's Hawk

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Februar 2003



Jon Maranon (a nom de plume) has lived a remarkable life against which many readers will find themselves measuring their own lives. He came of age in America during the turbulent 1960s of Civil Rights marches and opposition to the Vietnam War. He always felt himself to be a poor fit for the consumerism/materialism, conformity, racism, and environmental destructiveness of his own country. A college psychologist told him he'd have to learn to adjust, but he persisted in seeking a place where, and people with whom, he might fit. This young, blond, blue-eyed college dropout became a Latin American landowner and patron. He tried numerous schemes to make a living off the land and became a significant observer of both the environmental and social changes in Costa Rica. Maranon listened to local elders tell tales about them, and he passes on some of these and other tales to readers.
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