Alamo Traces

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Februar 2003



Never wavering in its search for the bedrock of fact, this book is a methodical, piece-by-piece dismantling of what we thought we knew and a convincing speculation about what might have really happened during that courageous fight for independence.


Thomas Ricks Lindley is a former Army military policeman and criminal investigator. He has published numerous articles in The Alamo Journal, the publication of The Alamo Socieity. Currently working on a manuscript about the relationship between Sam Houston and Andrew Jackson, the author resides in Austin, Texas.


He hasn't thrown a hand gernades into Alamo Scholarship, he's dropped a blockbuster! This book is going to have more self-proclaimed "Alamo Scholars" screaming bloody murder than you can shake a stick at.--C.F. Eckhardt "The National Tombstone Epitaph "
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Untertitel: New Evidence and New Conclusions. illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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