The Physics of Sailing Explained

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Oktober 2003



Authoritative yet accessible, this is the perfect work for those sailors who want to enhance their understanding and enjoyment of life at sea. It will enable readers to better grasp how sails, keels, and hulls work together to keep seafarers afloat, and will sharpen their skills with a more subtle and thorough appreciation of why various boat design features are present and why certain tactics work in certain situations.


Introduction I. Hulls 1. Hull Speed 2. Surface Resistance 3. Shape Resistance 4. Parasitic Resistance II. Keels 5. Bernoulli's Principal and Lift 6. Vortex Formation 7. Righting Moment 8. Total Resistance III. Sails 9. Basic Sail Theory 10. Induced Drag 11. Turbulence 12. Sail Interaction 13. Sail Shapes for Different Points of Sail 14. Sail Trim IV. The Physics of Weather for Sailors 15. Local Weather 16. Global Weather Patterns 17. Tides Further Reading Sailing Terms Index


Bryon D. Anderson is a professor of physics at Kent State University and an avid sailor. As a graduate student, he spent many summers sailing Lake Erie, even making a trip to Canada and back, and has since developed a passion for cruising and club racing. This is his first nautical book.
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