Native Florida Plants: Low Maintenance Landscaping and Gardening

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Februar 2004



This book describes every type of regional flora--from seaside foliage and wildflowers to grassy meadows, shrubs, vines and aquatic gardens.


Robert G. Haehle is a horticulture consultant and gardening writer. He was the radio host of "Garden Line". He has written numerous columns and articles for Southern Living, South Florida Home & Garden, Florida Nuseryman, and many others. Joan Brookwell has worked for 10 years at the Sun-Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale as the home and garden editor. She is currently a freelance writer and photographer living in Fort Lauderdale.


Native Florida Plants by Haehle and Brookwell updates the list of native plant nuseries in addition to adding a number of new plant profiles not included in the 1999 edition. And it includes the family names of plants in an additional appendix, making the book useful as a text. Add to your Florida collection.--Georgia Tasker "Miami Herald "
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