Training Course for Leaders: A Practical Do-It-Yourself Kit for Forming People

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Dezember 2002



The Training Course for Leaders (TCL) was designed to be a practical tool for developing dynamic and enthusiastic leadership in today's church. It revolves around five main themes: Group Dynamics, The Dignity of the Human Person, Jesus Christ, Church as Community, Techniques of Time Management. The strategy is to train people who can give the course themselves in their own communities. A special method for training facilitators is used. Ideal for youth directors, catechists, religion teachers, parish workers, confirmation teams and others. The TCL has already been published in Portuguese and Spanish and is widely used in Brazil, Latin America and in the USA. This version has been adapted for the European setting.


Fr George Boran CSSp was born in Ireland and has worked for many years in Brazil, Latin America and the United States. He has a PhD in Church Leadership from Fordham University. George is an international expert in the field of leadership training and youth ministry and has frequently given courses and conferences in Europe, United States, Africa and Latin America. He is author of a number of successful books published in Portuguese, Spanish, German and English.

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