A Word in Your Ear: Whisperings on Christian Living

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Juli 2003



Jack Mcardle is a priest of the Sacred Hearts Community in Dublin. He is the author of numerous popular books on spirituality, including It's Really Very Simple. A popular speaker and retreat-leader, he is often in demand and has a substantial following. In his latest book he reflects prayerfully on twenty significant words in the Christian lexicon: humility, gratitude, affirmation, honesty, hope, listening, joy, forgiveness, service, time, compassion, discipline, reflection, tolerance, action, thoughtfulness, speech, acceptance, and change. As he puts it in this book: "Through reflecting on these words, it is my hope that we might become more aware of what they involve, and be more open to practicing the virtue in our daily living. While the spirit is the principal catalyst of Christian living, it is necessary that we be open to practice as well."


"A little book that should certainly give food for thought and provide a few signposts for those wanting to explore the pathway of thoughtful reflection on aspects of life."
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