Black Milk

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Februar 2003



Winner of the Evening Standard Most Promising Award for first play, Plasticine


Vassily Sigarev was born in 1977 in the Lower Tagil region of the Urals on the Western fringes of Siberia, where he still lives and works. Plasticine, his first play, won the Anti-Booker Prize in Moscow.


'This extraordinary play lasts only 75 minutes, but watching this brilliant production you feel you have been to hell and back. Plasticine offers a nightmarish trip to the lower depths of contemporary Russia... A play you are not likely to forget in a hurry' Daily Telegraph 'This is a play from hell, a play of pity and terror... It begins with a funeral and ends with a murder; in between lies a world of violence, cruelty, greed and predatory sexuality' Sunday Times 'Vividly communicates an alarming sense of contemporary urban Russia on the verge of anarchy and breakdown' Evening Standard
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