Dramaturgy and Architecture

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September 2015



Dramaturgy and Architecture approaches modern and postmodern theatre's contribution to the way we think about the buildings and spaces we inhabit. It discusses in detail ways in which theatre and performance have critiqued and intervened in everyday spaces, modelled our dreams or fears and made proposals for the future.


1. Building
2. Chronotope and Rhythmic Production
3. Construction
4. Gestalt
5. Situation
6. Architecture and Deep Map
7. Conclusion


Cathy Turner is Senior Lecturer in the School of Drama at the University of Exeter, UK. She has published several special issues and articles in journals such as Contemporary Theatre Review, Studies in Theatre and Performance and Performance Research. Cathy is also a core member of Wrights & Sites (an artist's collective whose work is concerned with space and place), and a member of the inter-institutional group, Research into Expanded Dramaturgies - expandeddramaturgies.com.


"The book offers a series of perceptive readings of moments and movements in modernist theatre and performance whilst also linking these to contemporary postdramatic work. ... an important addition to emerging debates on the relationship between theatre, architecture and the built environment, demonstrating how thinking dramaturgically can contribute to understandings of contemporary critical spatial practice. ... Turner has contributed a rich and productive articulation of the role and function of dramaturgy in relation to theatre, architecture and everyday life." (Andrew Filmer, Studies in Theatre and Performance, 2016) "This book, despite its address to an academic audience, is an important one for alternative walkers, urban explorers, psychogeographers and urban activists. Its author, Cathy Turner, draws in very particular ways upon materials from theatre and architecture. ... this is a fabulous resource of ideas, narratives and practices for researchers, practitioners and activists operating in the gaps, voids and multiplicities of everyday space." (Crab Man, Mythogeography, mythogeography.com, December, 2015)
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