Dickens on Screen

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August 2010



Dickens on Screen is a broad ranging investigation of over a century of film adaptations of Dickens's works.


Illustrations; Contributors; Acknowledgments; Introduction John Glavin; Part I: 1. Dickens, psychoanalysis and film: a roundtable Gerhard Joseph; Part II: 2. David Copperfield's home movies John Bowen; 3. David Lean's Great Expectations Regina Barreca; 4. Great Expectations on Australian television John O. Jordan; 5. Dickens 'The Signalman' and Rubini's La Stazione Alessandro Vescovi; 6. Bill Murray's Christmas Carols Murray Baumgarten; 7. Screen memories in Dickens and Woody Allen Robert M. Polhemus; Part III: 8. Writing after Dickens: the television writer's art John Romano; 9. Directing Dickens: Alfonso Cuaron's 1998 Pam Katz; 10. Playing Dickens: an interview with Miriam Margolyes; Part IV: 11. Cinematic Dickens and uncinematic words Kamilla Elliott; 12. Dickens, Eisenstein, film Garrett Stewart; 13. Orson Welles and Charles Dickens 1938-1941 Marguerite Rippy; 14. David Copperfield (1935) and the US curriculum Steve J. Wurzler; 15. Dickens, Selznick, and Southpark Jeffrey Sconce; 16. Tiny Tim on screen: a disabilities perspective Martin F. Norden; Part V: Dickens composed: film and television adaptation 1897-2001 Kate Charnell Watt and Kate Lonsdale.


John Glavin is Professor of English, and Director of the John Carroll Scholars Program Georgetown University in Washington DC. He is the author of After Dickens: Reading, Adaptation and Performance (Cambridge 1999).


"Raises a number of issues that are pertinent to the many debates that center around the translation of nineteenth-century fiction into film more generally..." Kate Flint, Studies in English Literature "For such a reader, this book offers a fresh and, at times, irreverent perspective on the complex interactions between film and literature...Glavin's collection lays a strong foundation upon which to build." Dickens Quarterly, Cara Lane, University of Washington
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