Cucina Essenziale: Essential Cooking

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Stefano Cavallini is one of the most talented and original young Italian chefs cooking in London today, creating modern Italian dishes with focus and precision. His approach is bold and concentrated -- flavors are exquisitely intense, yet the overall effect is light and perfectly balanced. In Cucina Essenziale, Cavallini presents his signature dishes, including a selection of step-by-step "masterclass" recipes that demonstrate key techniques. Among the recipes, which range from antipasti to dolci, are a salad of foie gras with baby spinach and balsamic vinegar; eggplant and taleggio ravioli with butter and pine nuts; leg of lamb with artichoke sauce and roast potatoes; and a lemon mousse with thyme syrup. Elegantly designed and filled with color photos, Cucina Essenziale offers a fresh look at authentic Italian cooking.


Stefano Cavallini starred his career as a chef in Italy, gaining invaluable experience under different chefs. He went on to work with Gualtiero Marchesi at Milan's Hotel Brunelleschi and was soon transferred to Marchesi's own restaurant in Milan. After two years at the Ristorante Gualtiero Marchesi, he was posted to London where he became head chef of Marchesi's restaurant at the Halkin hotel. In 1993, he became head chef at the Halkin restaurant which was renamed Stefano Cavallini at the Halkin in 1997. Throughout his career, Stefano has taken time out to travel round the world, exploring the cuisines of different countries for ideas and inspiration, especially the East.


"Stefano Cavallini is a great chef, and his book will result in many happy mealtimes." Caterer ad Hotelkeeper
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