Stealing the Bride

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Juni 2003



A Scandalous Elopement The Marquis of Templeton has faced every sort of danger in his work for the King, but chasing after a wayward spinster who's had the effrontery to run off with the wrong man hardly seems worth his considerable talents. But when the heiress in question is none other than Lady Diana Fordham, Temple is about to meet his match. Tempestuous and passionate, headstrong and opinionated, the lady is everything a man should avoid... A Dangerous Plan Diana has no intention of making Temple's assignment easy. In fact she has every reason to turn his life upside down -- just as he did to hers when he broke her heart years ago. Now it's Diana's turn to give Temple a lesson in love, from a teasing glance to a scandalous embrace. However, as she leads him on a merry chase from London to Gretna Green, they soon realize that a kiss once given is hard to forget, and a rekindled passion is impossible to deny.


Elizabeth Boyle is a history buff who loves traveling and the adventure it offers. In addition to her six previous Avon Treasures, her three earlier novels for Dell - including the Rita Award winning Brazen Angel and the Romantic Times nominee for Best Regency Historical Brazen Temptress - stirred up much excitement in the romance community.
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