Art Ed Books and Kit: Frida Kahlo [With Art Supplies and Frame]

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April 2001



Abrams' Art Ed Books and Kits provide everything children need to make art using the approaches of world-renowned artists! The Art Ed Books and Kits include paper, nontoxic paint, oil pastels, pencils, brushes, palettes, glue -- whatever the artist actually uses or used. In addition, a 24-page full-color book in each kit provides a biography of the artist and discusses his or her life and career, with full-color art reproductions as well as photographs of the artist at work. And an 8-page activity book provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions to help children create their own masterpieces.Each kit is approved by the individual artist or his or her estate. With Art Ed Books and Kits, children not only learn about great artists, they can learn to paint like them, too. Art Ed is the ideal kit for any aspiring artist! Proceeds from Art Ed Books and Kits benefit Studio in a School.


Janet Boris is a writer and film director who began her career in children's educational television. Walter Hopps is the curator of 20th-century art at the Menil Collection, Houston, Texas. Deborah Schwartz is an art educator and consultant who was vice-director of education at the Brooklyn Museum, New York.
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