The Mole Sisters and the Fairy Ring

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September 2003



With unfaltering optimism, the Mole Sisters make the most out of each day. They are always ready to laugh and find every opportunity for fun! Beautiful illustrations convey the sister's love of life and there is a minimum of easy to follow text.


Roslyn Schwartz has lived in many places, including London, Paris, and San Francisco; she currently resides in Montreal. Roslyn is the author and illustrator of the first six popular "Mole Sisters" books as well as a new picture book for toddlers, "Yo Baby!." She has also worked on animated films.


Like the previous Mole Sisters stories, these star an optimistic pair of moles who will enchant both preschoolers and parents. The sisters' love for each other and their sense of adventure are a pleasure to encounter, and the childlike delight they take in everything is sure to be mirrored by the children enjoying the story. Aimed at the preschool crowd, these small books are meant to be read to one child rather than a class. The coloured pencil illustrations extend the minimal text found on each page and are sure to please everyone. The illustrations are full of movement, expression and fun and carry the story forward. Mole sisters fans be warned! The press release accompanying these books says that these are the final two adventures of the mole sisters. Highly Recommended.--Lisa O'Hara"Canadian Materials" (11/28/2003)
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Untertitel: 'Mole Sisters'. Empfohlen von 3 bis 6 Jahren. New. Sprache: Englisch.
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