Terrorism, Freedom, and Security: Winning Without War

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August 2003



A former Deputy Attorney General of the United States argues that we must preserve our civil liberties and democratic values while fighting terrorism.


Philip B. Heymann is James Barr Ames Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and a former Deputy Attorney General of the United States. He is author of Terrorism, Freedom, and Security (2003) and Preserving Liberty in an Age of Terror (2005), both published by the MIT Press.


"...[A] persuasive argument for the kind of multilateral approach to fighting terrorism for which the Bush administration has shown...disdain." Ethan Bronner The New York Times Book Review "Heymann's indictment of the Bush administration's political irresponsibility is thus all the more compelling because of its dispassionate, precise articulation." Michael Stern The American Lawyer "Philip B. Heymann may rightly count among the foremost experts on counterterrorism policy in the United States." Mathieu Deflem Law & Politics Book Review "Philip Heymann's book stands out for its restrained authority and measured judgement." Anthony Dworkin Survival "The legal and political analysis is sound." Publisher's Weekly "This book is a judicious and systematic guide to the various policy options at each stage of counterterrorism." Lawrence D. Freedman Foreign Affairs "Philip Heymann's book stands out for its restrained authority and measuredjudgement." Anthony Dworkin Survival
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