The Search to Belong

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August 2003



Community is a fundamental life search. We need to belong. In our time, we search with some increasing desperation as terms like neighbor, family, and congregation are being redefined.


Contents Foreword: Coach John Wooden 2 Foreword: Leonard Sweet 4 Those Who Show Up Along the Way (an introduction) 6
1. The Myths of Belonging 9
2. Longing to Belong 23
3. "Give Me Some Space" 35
4. Group Chemistry 59
5. Trading Spaces 87
6. Searching for a Front Porch 119
7. What Now? Finding Harmony 135 Bibliography 156 End Notes 168 Index 176


Joseph R. Myers is a multiprenuer, interventionist, and thinker. He is a founding partner of a communication arts group, SETTINGPACE, and owns a consulting firm, FrontPorch, which specializes in creating conversations that promote and develop community.
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Untertitel: Rethinking Intimacy, Community, and Small Groups. 'Emergent YS'. B & W line/photos. Sprache: Englisch.
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