The Versatile Salesperson: Selling the Way Your Customer Wants to Buy

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Juli 1989



This guide will help you develop your selling skills and increase sales. Shows how to acquire sales versatility and the ability to develop and maintain profitable, long-term business relationships. Highlights the selling preferences of several ?social styles, ? helps you identify the social style of your buyers--quickly and accurately, and reveals how to adapt your selling behavior to make your buyer more comfortable


Versatility: The Key to Competence in Selling. Behavior: The Key to Social Styles. The Analytical: "Practical Suggestions Are What I Need." The Driver: "Show Me I Can Get Some Bottom-Line Results." The Expressive: "I Like Salespeople Who Are Competent, Imaginative." The Amiable: "Show Concern for Me and My Problems." Ask-Assertive Backup Behavior: Flight. Tell-Assertive Backup Behavior: Fight. Strategies for Selling to Ask-Assertive Buyers. Strategies for Selling to Tell-Assertive Buyers. Versatility: How to Modify Your Style. Appendix A: Impact on Social Style on Customers. Appendix B: Social Style Identification. Appendix C: Strategy for Selling. Appendix D: Social Style Summary. Appendix E: Sales Strategy Planning Sheet. Index.
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