The Archaeology Handbook: A Field Manual and Resource Guide

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August 1991



From the Mayan ruins of Guatemala to the Etruscan sites of Central Italy, whether you're an old hand or have never participated in a professional dig, here is the only up-to-date, comprehensive "how-to" and "where to" guide written for the thousands of amateur archaeologists and archaeological volunteers. Photos, drawings, and maps.


What Is Archaeology?. What Do Archaeologists Do?. ON A DIG. Before You Get to an Excavation. Eating, Sleeping, and Working. Locating a Site. Preparation of a Site. Control Pits and Soil Profiles. Excavating the Site. Excavation Problems. Excavation Features. Artifacts. Recording an Excavation. In the Laboratory. Writing the Final Site Report. WORKING ON YOUR OWN. The Lure of the Excavation. Following Laws and Regulations. Beginning an Archaeological Survey. ARCHAEOLOGICAL RESOURCES. The What's, Where's, and How-To's of Archaeological Activities. Travel Agencies. Museums. Archaeological Sites. Excavations. Field Schools. Organizations that Assist with Placement of Volunteers. State Archaeologists and State Historic Preservation Officers. Canadian Provincial Archaeological Units. Governmental Agencies Outside the United States and Canada. Archaeological Organizations. Suggested Reading. Index.
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