James Joyce's Judaic Other

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Mai 1999



How does recent scholarship on ethnicity and race speak to the Jewish dimension of James Joyce's writing? What light has Joyce himself cast on the complex question of their relationship? This book poses these questions in terms of models of the other drawn from psychoanalytic and cultural studies and from Jewish cultural studies.


Introduction; 1. The historical context for Joyce's 'other' and the thematics of Jewishness; 2. A nightmare of history: Ireland's Jews and Joyce's texts; 3. A poetics of Jewishness; 4. The temptation of Circe; 5. A Pisgah sight of the promised land; Appendix; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


'This innovative and stimulating work is important because it is the best book in its field and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. It contributes substantially to an understanding of James Joyce, his fiction, and the complexity of his libertarian modernism in relation to the history of the Jewish diaspora. Furthermore, it is written in an admirably lucid and engaging style.' Bryan Cheyette, University of London
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