Struggle for Control of Public Education

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Februar 2000



Unprecedented in its value-based challenge to the threat of market ideology on educational policy, The Struggle for Control of Public Education is a sophisticated call for a return to community controlled schools and democratic values. This argument offers theoretical and practical models crafted in the contemporary feminist and social reconstructionist tradition. Readers interested in the study of educational policies, philosophy, and policy will find this book engaging.


Preface Acknowledgments 1. Introduction 2. Market Ideology 3. Democratic Education 4. School Choice 5. Educational Technology 6. School Restructuring 7. Curriculum 8. Civic Education 9. Conclusion Index


"The Struggle for Control of Public Education is a highly charged, politically important work, written with clarity and courage, in defense of public education as a legacy endangered by the juggernaut of corporate control." --Jonathan Kozol "In this well researched, eminently readable book, Michael Engel helps us see our way through the confusion and clouded rhetoric of the conservative and neo-liberal agendas for school and society, and illuminates the profoundly anti-democratic patterns beneath the surface of most current school reform." --Dr. Kathleen Kesson, Directory of the John Dewey Project on Progressive Education at the University of Vermont, and of the Teacher Education Program at Goddard College
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