Practical Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology

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April 2007



This important book synthesises findings about drug treatments for children with a broad range of psychiatric disorders.


List of contributors; Preface and acknowledgements; 1. Child and adolescent psychopharmacology at the turn of the millennium Charles W. Popper; 2. Developmental psychopharmacology Normand Carrey, Paul Mendella, Frank P. MacMaster and Stan Kutcher; 3. Clinical aspects of child and adolescent psychopharmacology Gabrielle A. Carlson; 4. Depression Neal D. Ryan; 5. Bipolar mood disorders: diagnosis, etiology and treatment Vivek Kusumakar, Lorraine Lazier, Frank P. MacMaster and Darcy Santor; 6. Schizophrenia and related psychoses Keith Marriage; 7. Obsessive-compulsive disorder Douglas A. Beer, Mai Karitani, Henrietta L. Leonard, John S. March and Susan E. Swedo; 8. Anxiety disorders E. Jane Garland; 9. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder Thomas Spencer, Joseph Biederman and Timothy Wilens; 10. Pervasive development disorder Sandra N. Fisman; 11. Aggressive behaviour Deborah Lynn and Bryan H. King; 12. Adolescent substance use disorder K. A. Hussain Mirza; 13. Tic disorders and Tourette's syndrome John T. Walkup; 14. Eating disorders and related disturbances Lisa A. Kotler, Michael J. Devlin and B. Timothy Walsh; 15. Medical psychiatric conditions Daniel S. Pine, Elizabeth Cohen and Yana Brayman; Index.


'... a very welcome addition to the still relatively small number of reference texts in child and adolescent psychopharmacology ... the overall quality of the text is excellent ... this book makes an important contribution to a field where clinical practice tends to run ahead of the clinical evidence-base and remain relatively uninformed by basic neuroscience. This book should be essential reading for all child psychiatry trainees ...' Journal of Child Psychology '... a very well written and clearly set out book ... excellent book for anyone who wants a current insight into how medication is used in child and adolescent psychiatry, how different it may be to treatment in adults.' Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research 'The chapters offer timely and expert overviews of a complex and evolving field.' Marc Sandrolini, Divine.com '... should serve as a good reference guide for the clinicians. I particularly liked the chapters on Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Anxiety and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.' Pediatric Rehabilitation 'This is an interesting and worthwhile book.' Psychological Medicine
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