Introduction to Crime Analysis: Basic Resources for Criminal Justice Practice

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September 2003



This book is a practical resource guide for the development of crime analysis in local law enforcement. The tragedy of September 11, 2001, has raised awareness on how crucial it is to analyze information and intelligence. Smaller agencies that cannot financially justify hiring a full-time analyst will find strategies and techniques to teach officers the methods of analysis. Introduction to Crime Analysis: Basic Resources for Criminal Justice Practice provides basic tools and step-by-step directions that will improve the skills and knowledge of new crime analysts.


Preface Acknowledgments Chapter 1. What Is Crime Analysis The Challenge of Defining Crime Analysis The Present State of Crime Analysis in Law Enforcement Why Analyze Crime Types of Crime Analysis Summary Suggested Reading Chapter 2. The Crime Analyst's Toolbox Overview Equipment Knowledge of the Law Knowledge of Investigative Processes Knowledge of Modern Policing Strategies Linkage Analysis Statistical Analysis Profiling Spatial Analysis Summary Suggested Reading Chapter 3. Moving Through the Stages of Crime Analysis Collection Collation Analysis Dissemination Feedback and Evaluation The Intelligence Cycle: Another View of the Stages of Analysis Summary Chapter 4. Geographic Information Systems: Issues and Resources Overview Points to Remember When Creating Crime Maps Mapping Other Data with Crime Data for Analysis Privacy Issues Resources for Crime Mapping Suggested Readings Chapter 5. Crime Analysis Products Creating Bulletins for Tactical Crime Analysis Types of Administrative Crime Analysis Reports Other Crime Analysis Products Intelligence Analysis Products Evaluation of Crime Analysis Products Resources for Crime Analysis Products Chapter 6. Advice for the New Crime Analyst A Day in the Life of a Crime Analyst Tips for the New Crime Analyst The Ten Commandments of Crime Analysis Chapter 7. Creating a Crime Analysis Unit Policy and Procedures for Crime Analysis Considerations in Creating a Crime Analysis Unit Crime Analysis Units on the Web Marketing and Funding Crime Analysis How Do We Measure Success Crime Analysis Success Stories Chapter 8. Education and Training Resources Overview Training Options for Those Employed in Law Enforcement Eduction and Training Offered by Colleges and Universities Chapter 9. Other Resources Recommended Agency Resources Recommended Publications Recommended Internet Sites Appendix. Examples of Crime Analysis Products Bibliography Index Reference Notes Included
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