Seeing Double

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Oktober 2003



An exploration of the relationship between quantum theory and concepts of individuality and identity from ancient Greece to the present.


Peter Pesic is Tutor and Musician-in-Residence at St. John's College, Santa Fe. He is the author of Labyrinth: A Search for the Hidden Meaning of Science; Seeing Double: Shared Identities in Physics, Philosophy, and Literature; Abel's Proof: An Essay on the Sources and Meaning of Mathematical Unsolvability; and Sky in a Bottle, all published by the MIT Press.


"... an ambitious but sober reminder of the deep philosophical questions revolving around the ideas of individuality, identity and distinguishability." Levy-Leblond Physics World "... offers a rare insight into the bizarre quantum realm and its implications for our sense of self." PD Smith The Guardian "Pesic suavely creates a masterpiece by saying much in little space." Ray Olson Booklist
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