Roger II of Sicily

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April 2002



An account of the reign of King Roger II, founder of the kingdom of Sicily.


List of illustrations; Foreword to the German edition; Preface to the German edition; Preface to the English edition; List of abbreviations; Chronology; Maps; Genealogy tables; Introduction. Roger II: a controversial ruler; 1. The inheritance; 2. From count to king; 3. The new kingdom; 4. Between east and west; 5. Epilogue: the kingdom of Sicily after Roger II; 6. Conclusion. A multicultural ruler; Medieval authors; Bibliography; Index.


"...considerable descriptive powers of Houben...I hope this text is read widely...This translation is another great contribution by Graham Loud...He and Diane Milburn are to be commended." Louis I. Hamilton, Rutgers University, Canadian Journal of History "Thoroughly researched and worthwhile..." Catholic Library World "The book's unique historiographical position and high quality should recommend it to medieval generalists and specialists alike." History "Greene's valuable study is more than sufficient to demonstrate that looking at Mediterranean history primarily as a clash of two discrete and hostile civilizations is more helpful for the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries than it is for the twelfth." International History Review "This short review does not do justice to the depth and substance of Houben's examination of this fascinating man and kingdom, which is at once learned, argumentative and readable. No small achievement." Journal of Church and State
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