Straight Talk about Psychological Testing for Kids

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November 2003



This authoritative guide gives parents the inside scoop on how psychological testing works and how to use testing to get the best help for their child. Two Harvard experts spell out the entire process of testing for dyslexia, ADHD, math and reading disorders, Asperger syndrome, depression, anxiety, and other common childhood problems. Parents learn what different tests actually measure and how to "crack the code" of jargon-filled reports, numerical scores, and educational recommendations. Also discussed are key qualifications to look for in evaluators, what kinds of testing schools are required to provide, and when to consider paying for private testing instead. Comprehensive and accessible, the book includes tips on making testing less stressful for children and loads of resources, FAQs, and examples.


Introduction. Part 1: Where Do I Begin? How Do I Know My Child Needs Testing? What Is Involved in a Testing Evaluation? Who Is Qualified to Conduct the Evaluation? Part 2: A Practical Guide To Commonly Used Tests. The Tests: What Are They and What Do They Do? What Do All the Numbers Mean? Part 3: Common Childhood Disorders. Dyslexia. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Nonverbal Learning Disorders and Asperger Syndrome. Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder. Mathematics Disorder and Disorder of Written Expression. Children at the Extremes: Mental Retardation and Giftedness. Depression, Anxiety, and Other Psychological Concerns. Resources.


""Straight Talk about Psychological Testing for Kids," by Harvard psychologists Ellen Braaten, PhD, and Gretchen Felopulos, PhD, would have saved me many sleepless nights. It covers just about everything parents need to know about testing....The book takes a user-friendly 'who, what, when, how' approach, with many case studies. Odds are, you'll find your own questions answered, as I did."--Terry Matlen, MSW, mother of a child with special needs "Psychological testing is an invaluable resource in helping to determine what may be problematic with your child. This book is an extraordinary reference for parents and professionals in truly understanding when to use, and how to interpret, the various psychological tests available. Drs. Braaten and Felopulos provide an exceptional service by distilling complex information into a very readable and pragmatic guide."--Timothy E. Wilens, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School "At last! A superb book for the lay person about psychological testing. It is highly informative, extremely interesting, and it is really fun to read. Braaten and Felopulos have written a totally engrossing book on a topic that is usually deadly dull. Their secret is to give testing a human face and describe how it points the way to solutions for many kinds of human suffering. They write with clarity, but also with heart. They are clear, without oversimplifying. They cover a huge amount of ground, but allow the reader to enjoy the ride. This is the best book of its kind that I have ever seen."--Edward M. Hallowell, MD, author of "The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness" and coauthor of "Driven to Distraction" "For parents wrestling with the question of how best to help a child struggling with school or with social or behavioral problems, this book is an absolute godsend. Clarifying what psychological testing is and what it can tell parents about their child, Drs. Braaten and Felopulos manage not only to demystify the
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