Of the Mortal Fire: Poems 1999-2002

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September 2003



Caroline Kizer, Pulitzer Prize winner and former director of the literary section of the National Endowment for the Arts, has stated: "I believe Middleton is the finest living poet writing in English. If this were a just world, he would have the Nobel Prize." Guy Davenport writes that his "rare genius for exact observation and metaphysical wit as given us for over half a century now poems of such brilliant craftsmanship and exacting sensibility that a few critics only have dared to assess their magic. He is an incomparable stylist, a wry ironist, a philosopher of words." These new poems continue Middleton's exploration of geography, imagination, and "trouble about history."


CHRISTOPHER MIDDLETON was born in Cornwall but has lived for the past thirty years in Austin, Texas, where teaches German and comparative literature. He travels regularly to Germany, France and Turkey, and his poetry belongs to no one country or context. The Sheep Meadow Press has published three of his books previously: The Balcony Tree, Intimate Chronicles, and The Word Pavilion.
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