Recording Studio Technology, Maintenance, and Repairs: Everything You Need to Properly Care for Your Equipment

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September 2003



A nuts-and-bolts guide detailing everything studio professionals need to know about operating, maintaining, and repairing the major equipment found in a modern recording studio, this edition covers both analog and digital technology.


<H2>SECTION ONE: EXPLANATIONS AND CALCULATIONS<H3>Chapter 1: Electricity -- What Is It?<H3>Chapter 2: Basic Electronics: DC Voltage, Current, and Resistance<H3>Chapter 3: Basic Electronics: AC Voltage, Current, and Reactance<H3>Chapter 4: Basic Formulas for Calculations<H3>Chapter 5: Decibels<H3>Chapter 6: Advanced Formulas for Calculations<H3>Chapter 7: Wire Sizes and Maximum Current for Each Wire<H3>Chapter 8: Technical Power and Current Requirements<H2>SECTION TWO: SIGNALS AND EQUIPMENT<H3>Chapter 9: Balanced and Unbalanced Signals<H3>Chapter 10: Metering-VU, RMS, PPm and Correlation<H3>Chapter 11: RF Transmissions -- AM and FM<H3>Chapter 12: Compressors and Limiters<H3>Chapter 13: Multitrack Recorders<H3>Chapter 14: Speakers and Microphones<H3>Chapter 15: Wireless Microphones<H2>SECTION THREE: APPLICATIONS<H3>Chapter 16: Cables and Connectors<H3>Chapter 17: Equipment and Rack Grounding<H3>Chapter 18: Patch Bay Wiring<H3>Chapter 19: Cable Routing<H3>Chapter 20: Tools <H3>Chapter 21: Test Equipment<H3>Chapter 22: A 48-Volt Phantom Power Supply Project<H2>SECTION FOUR: MAINTENANCE<H3>Chapter 23: Cleaning Chemicals and Applications<H3>Chapter 24: Fixed Head Tape Recorders -- Analog<H3>Chapter 25: Analog Tape Recorder Calibration<H3>Chapter 26: Rotary Head Tape Recorders -- Digital<H3>Chapter 27: Amplifier Cleaning<H3>Chapter 28: Computer and Processor Cleaning<H3>Chapter 29: Mixing Console, Pot and Fader Cleaning<H3>Chapter 30: Lighting Equipment Cleaning<H2>SECTION FIVE: SERVICE AND REPAIRS<H3>Chapter 31: Speaker Damage and Repairs<H3>Chapter 32: Amplifier Diagnostics<H3>Chapter 33: Soldering, Cable Repair, and RF Interference Cures<H3>Chapter 34: Processors and Outboard Gear Service<H2>SECTION SIX: SYMBOLS AND GLOSSARY OF TERMS<H4>APPENDIX A: SYMBOLS AND KEYWORDS<H4>APPENDIX B: GLOSSARY<H4>APPENDIX C: TEST QUESTIONS<H4>INDEX


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This would be a reference for those who have questions beyond the scope of the other two recording studio books reviewed in this article, particularly where professional-style (non-PC) recording studios are concerned. Tom McCartney, owner of T.M. Electronics in Toronto, Canada, provides information on basic electronics, tools, and equipment, with the latter portion of the book covering cleaning and repair of equipment, soldering, and speakers.
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