Important Vertebrate and Mite Pests of Agriculture and Health

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August 2015



This book deals with vertebrate and mite pests of economic importance in agriculture, forestry and health in tropical Africa. It is intended primarily to serve as a reference source and guide to agriculture and biology students in colleges and tertiary institutions as well as researchers, teachers and crop protection professionals. It is also intended to provide the necessary background material to aid in training agricultural extension agents and commercial farmers. The necessity for such a book has become especially apparent because of lack of local textbook on vertebrate and mite pests for use by students, teachers, researchers and other crop protection professionals. This book fills the gap in relation to the biology and management of important vertebrates and mites as agricultural pests by summarising current information in a form that meets the needs of students, teachers, extension agents and others practitioners. The book gives comprehensive account of the important vertebrate and mite pests that occur in West Africa, how they can be recognised, the nature and extent of damage they cause, and the best currently available strategies for their management.


Daniels Obeng-Ofori is a Professor of Applied Biology and Agricultural Entomology. He is a graduate of the University of Ghana and University of Cambridge,UK. He has had a distinguished career in teaching, research and technology development, extension and service delivery. He has held several academic and professional positions in Ghana and abroad
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