Building a Child's Library: Inside Twenty-Five Classic Children's Stories

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Januar 2004



Anyone with the privilege of reading to young children will appreciate this useful guide and the summaries, commentaries, and talking points it provides for twenty-five modern classics of children's literature. Miriam Johnson brings her experience as a former classroom teacher, school librarian, parent, and grandparent to this book aimed at anyone who has the privilege to read to youngsters. She casts a trained eye on twenty-five distinguished children's books, providing summaries, commentaries, and suggestions for conversation starters to be used by the adults with children as a background to the books. Parents, teachers, clergy, and children can talk about faith and values "inside" the stories without long discussions carried on in a moralizing way, enhancing the enjoyment of both. The stories are grouped under these categories: Creature Connections - God's Care and Forgiveness - Justice for All - World Religions - Music This book is sure to add to the pleasure of reading children's literature and lead to many enriching encounters between adults and children.


Retired educator and author Miriam J. Johnson holds a Ph.D. from Boston College. She lives in Stoughton, MA.
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