Crossing Jerusalem", "The Golem", "Saint Joan", "Year Zero

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"Crossing Jerusalem" describes a day in the life of an Israeli family at the beginning of the latest intifada. "The Golem" is a children's version of the famous story, exploring what happens when a monster is constructed to defend his community. "Year Zero" is a bittersweet satire about Communists, Gaulists, and collaborators in the north of France, 1940s. "Saint Joan" sets the heroine against a sweep of world history, culminating in the Parisian National Front rally of 1995.


Julia Pascal's plays are edgy personal and political dramas often connected to Jewish culture and history. From British collaboration with the Nazis on the Channel Islands to current Palestinian-Israeli conflicts, they explore the complexity of the most highly-charged conflicts of our age. These texts range from dance-theatre Expressionism to naturalism and often offer large roles to women which challenge stereotypes. The plays have an international dimension. Year Zero is set in Vichy France. St Joan in London and Paris. The Dybbuk takes place in Eastern European ghetto. Crossing Jerusalem is 24 hours in the life of a Jerusalem family. Honeypot is a spy story situated in Stockholm and Paris. Styles range from cabaret to thriller. And always there is sharp dialogue that is often darkly funny as well as disturbing. The plays have been staged in the UK, the USA, Belgium, France, Germany and Sweden.


"Intriguing' Time Out (The Golem) 'A dazzling cabaret that brings tears to the cheek' The Stage (Year Zero) St Joan sets the heroine against a remarkable sweep of world history, wittily highlighting the paradoxes and culminating in the Parisian National Front rally of 1995' The Stage (St Joan) "
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