Differences between Baroque Palaces and Great Country Houses

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August 2015



Baroque is an amazing and spectacular artistic and cultural style. It inspired not only painters, sculptors and composers, but also great architects. This book describes and explains the main facts and characteristic features and differences of English and Bohemian Baroque architecture demonstrated on four selected Buildings, Blenhiem Palace and Castle Howard in England and Buchlovice and Troja Chateau in the Czech Republic. Using the comparative method, the project is pointing out the common features and differences or interesting facts of the buildings as a complex, mentioning the historical background, describing the locations, ground plans, exterior, interior, gardens and parks. It does not forget to emphasize the importance of the architects of this era and it highlights the most influential and talented ones who were active in the two selected countries.


Graduated at University of Ostrava, Czech Republic, Faculty of Arts, Department of English and American Studies (2009). Shortly after her graduation, she moved to Cairo Egypt. Since then she works as Marketing Consultant and Sales Manager at Ali Wafa Handcrafts. Occasionally she tutors, translates and interprets (Czech - English, English - Czech).
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