The Mathematics of Money Management: Risk Analysis Techniques for Traders

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Until now, money management practices have been driven by a loose collection of highly subjective rules of thumb. By failing to accurately understand the outcomes of their potential actions, many traders and serious investors have been operating blind. The Mathematics of Money Management injects a new degree of precision into your trading strategies. Based on the rules of probability and modern portfolio theory, it shows you how to create and use these money management techniques in the futures, options, and stock markets. And you don't need to be a PhD to exploit these strategies. Every equation and formula is easy to understand, and practical examples are provided for immediate hands-on use of the trading techniques discussed. By wedding the precepts and practices of modern portfolio theory to the concept of optimal f, The Mathematics of Money Management shows how to gauge the payoffs and consequences of every potential trading action, before you take it. Armed with this information, you'll obtain the greatest potential investment growth for your specified level of risk, no matter what your chosen market. You'll use these time-tested strategies to evaluate the risks and rewards of any potential trading decision, accurately weigh and assign values to the components of any portfolio, determine exactly how many contracts to trade for a specific market and/or system, maximize profits under reinvestment trading, and prognosticate future system performance. Now you can bid good-bye to unreliable money management assumptions and faulty decision making. Here's the money management tool for making mathematically correct trading decisions.


The Empirical Techniques. Characteristics of Fixed Fractional Trading and Salutary Techniques. Parametric Optimal f on the Normal Distribution. Parametric Techniques on Other Distributions. Introduction to Multiple Simultaneous Positions Under the Parametric Approach. Correlative Relationships and the Derivation of the Efficient Frontier. The Geometry of Portfolios. Risk Management. Appendices. Bibliography and Suggested Reading. Index.


About the author RALPH VINCE is a computer trading systems consultant who develops computerized futures, options, and stock markets trading strategies for traders, advisors, and software vendors. He is the author of the widely hailed Portfolio Management Formulas: Mathematical Trading Methods for the Futures, Options, and Stock Markets (Wiley).
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