A Litany in Time of Plague

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Oktober 1994



A Litany in Time of Plague is K.D. Miller's first collection of short fiction. The plague' of the title story is a reference not only to AIDS but to its ironic companion, loneliness. Each of the characters in the ten linked stories comes to the end of his or her spiritual rope. Kelly attends a Requiem Mass where she adds her and her ex-husband's names to a list of the dead. Arley pursues a dangerous fantasy down one dark alley after another. Raymond learns that his inability to love is exactly matched by his need to do just that.


K.D. Miller's stories and essays have appeared in numerous magazines and have been nominated for the Journey Prize and the National Magazine Award for fiction (1997). In 1999 she was a runner-up in the PRISM international short fiction contest. Two collections of her stories have been published -- A Litany in Time of Plague (PQL 1994), and Give Me Your Answer (PQL 1999) -- with the latter being short-listed for the Upper Canada Brewing Company's inaugural Writers' Craft Award. A collection of personal essays, Holy Writ: A Writer Reflects on Creation and Imagination was published in 2001, and nominated for the sixteenth annual TORGI Talking Book of the Year Award. In 2010, K.D. Miller published her first novel, Brown Dwarf, with Biblioasis. K.D. Miller lives and teaches writing courses in Toronto.


'Miller has created a mesmerizing core of characters for her stories ... it is a testament to Miller's emerging genius that she makes us care so much about her characters and their fates, their courage, and their compromises.' Quill & Quire 'Keep an eye out for K.D. Miller: this is a new writer worth watching.' Ottawa Citizen '... I found myself laughing frequently... Miller takes the right turns and sustains her narratives without tricks or complications ... if K.D. Miller can evoke such feelings in a first collection, I am certainly looking forward to her second.' Malahat Review
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