Belle of the Bayou

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Juli 1998



Belle of the Bayou is a satirical odyssey which takes Arabella Slominski Boot from Montreal to Lafayette, Louisiana in hot pursuit of her own liberation.


Joanna Goodman's stories have appeared in B & A Fiction, Event, The New Quarterly and The White Wall Review. In 1996 Joanna Goodman was a winner in the Canadian Author's Association Short Fiction Contest. At one time she worked as a journalist for Reuters in Ottawa, and her day job now is co-owner (with her mother) of a bed linen store, Au Lit linens, in Toronto. Since Belle of the Bayou she has written two more novels, You Made Me Love You and Harmony.


'Belle of the Bayou is a tumultuous and funny, yet underplayed novel which unfolds in quiet, marvelous prose that tastes faintly of Eliza Clark's Miss You Like Crazy. Broken into nearly independent stories that fit into a perfect whole, Belle of the Bayou makes for a fine debut.' Ottawa Express 'It is the married woman's Thelma and Louise, but with a happy ending. Arabella is a true heroine of the nineties; she not only survives her complicated situation, but also learns to assert herself and to choose what she wants. If Belle of the Bayou is indeed a fable, its moral rings clear and triumphant.' University of Toronto Varsity 'Belle of the Bayou is an engaging and enjoyable study of a woman coping with modern life.' University of Toronto Bookstore Review
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