Walking in Paradise

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September 2000



Newfoundland writer Libby Creelman finds the emotional heart of her characters -- characters continually seeking, and breaking, connections with others, though they rarely know it. A girl welcomes cruelty into her life in an attempt to get closer to a father living with chronic pain. A woman obsessed with her lineage draws her family into inheriting more than they bargained for. A young boy, burdened by the adults with whom he keeps company, arrives at the end of a brief sailing trip directing their futures as well as his own. A woman returns home to spend a weekend with old high school friends and at last understands something about her mother that had been trailing her for years.'


Originally from Massachusetts, Libby Creelman now lives in St. John's, Newfoundland. Her short stories have been published in literary magazines across the country and have been selected for 99: Best Canadian Stories and The Journey Prize Anthology, numbers 10 and 11. She is a four-time winner in the Fictional Prose category for the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts & Letters Competition.


'Walking in Paradise is Libby Creelman's first book. The collection's fourteen stories, each between ten and fifteen pages in length, are carefully polished and almost uniformly effective. Creelman's style is spare and direct. The sentences are short and crisp, and an emphasis is placed on clear concrete imagery. The stories often unfold through dialogue and Creelman's ear is unerring as each of the characters is granted a distinctive voice.' -- David Creelman The Fiddlehead
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