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Jürgen Hargens was one of the founding editors of the journal Zeitschrift für systemische Therapie in the early 1980s and is editor of a related book series. He has worked for over 25 years as a therapist and teaching therapist and continually adapted and developed systemic concepts of therapy. With this volume Every Beginning is a New Beginning he reflects on his previous work in the field. One important result for him is the insight that every conversation one has with clients, even the second or third one, may in effect be seen as a "first interview" since every individual is constantly developing.Against the background of his resource-oriented approach he emphasises the initial interview in any therapeutic situation, which must be structured very exactly and accurately based on the competences the clients bring along. This is especially true since we now empirically know how very important the beginning of such a cooperation is for the respective result.Following a short theoretical introduction, Hargens introduces three fictitious first interviews which he goes through - much like in an exercise book - step by step and comment by comment.This book is a treasure chest for therapists and counsellors, especially with respect to coping with what may be seen as difficult situations.


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Jürgen Hargens, Diplom-Psychologe, Psychologischer Psychotherapeut, Supervisor und Fortbilder, Gründer und langjähriger Herausgeber der "Zeitschrift für systemische Therapie", arbeitet in freier Praxis in der Nähe von Flensburg.


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