Everyday Prayers for God's People

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Juli 2003



Written for beginners as well as for those who have been trying to pray for a long time, this collection offers a bit of support, some fresh ideas, and a way of learning from others. This is where the experience of the community of believers, stretching back to the timeless wisdom of the Psalms can come to our aid. This book offers their insights, as well as those of the Celtic tradition that draws on the natural world as a sign of God's abiding presence. The traditions of various Christian churches--the noble simplicity of the Catholic liturgy, the liturgical traditions of the Anglican and Protestant, the transcendent vision of Orthodox, and Biblical canticles--are drawn on. In addition, the book offers points for reflection for morning and evening from a wide variety of sources, ranging from the Fathers of the Church to contemporary secular writers. The four-week cycle of morning and evening prayer is designed to harmonize with the character of each day. Various indexes help the reader to get the best out of the book. Owen O'Sullivan is an Irish-born priest of the Capuchin Franciscan order and the author of a number of books, including One God. Three Faiths.


Owen O'Sullivan is an Irish-born priest of the Capuchin Franciscan order. He has served in Ireland, New Zealand, Madagascar and Zambia. The author of over 20 books, including some in African languages, as well as over 200 articles. Currently in parish work in Belfast he also edits two journals and writes a weekly newspaper column.

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