Reading the Bones

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This skillful and entertaining exploration of language and cross-cultural communication presents a portrait of sentient beings in the midst of discovering written language. The Xenolinguists are a guild of alien-language translators who travel the galaxy. Translator Ries Danyo is a down-on-his-luck lingster, so far gone he's hooked on zyth. Once a promising talent, he's fallen to interpreting for the deputy commissioner's wife on her shopping sprees in the Freh bazaar. But when a Freh uprising leads to murder, Danyo must lead the commissioner's daughters to safety on a journey that irrevocably changes the Frehti language and the future of Krishna itself.


Sheila Finch is the author of more than seven books, including Reading the Bones, Infinity's Web, and Birds. She is the winner of a Nebula Award and Compton Crook Award. She studied Medieval Literature and Linguistics at Indiana University. Finch is recently retired from her post as a creative writing teacher at El Camino College but continues to work with her former students.


"This short novel, expanded from one of her stories, a Nebula winning novella, ... is her best novel to date." -- Don D'Ammassa, San Francisco Chronicle.
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